We will be adding a weekly Collective worship service here each week. Parents your child can either read through the service if they are able to or you can read it with them. Each week there will be a Bible story video, a Collective Worship Song and a prayer. If you have more than one child they could do the service together.

WC 30.03.20

Trees and the Easter poem 


  1. Explain that you are going to tell the children about the things that live the longest in the world. Ask them whether they can guess what these things might be.

  2. Ask the children whether they have ever seen any unusual or amazing trees.

    Listen to responses 

  3. Point out that every tree is amazing and emphasize the importance of planting trees and looking after them.

  4. Explain to the children that you are going to read them a poem about our wonderful trees that links them to some Christian beliefs about Easter.

    You may wish to stop after each verse to discuss what the verse means. When you have considered the poems meaning, you may wish to encourage the children to read the poem with you from beginning to end.

    by Jan Edmunds

    The beauty of trees is a joy to behold.
    For millions of years, they have watched life unfold.
    They give shelter to creatures and help them survive.
    They clean up the air to keep us alive.

    Their wood’s used for houses, in tables and chairs.
    It’s made into windows, our doors or our stairs.
    Carpenter Joseph taught Jesus his trade.
    Ploughs, yokes and mangers by him were made.

    The disciples went fishing in boats made of wood.
    When calming the storm in a boat, Jesus stood.
    Leaves of the palm tree were spread on the ground.
    For Jesus in triumph they were waved all around.

    Soon after, he hung from a cross made of wood.
    On a hill far away with two others it stood.
    The third day after, he rose up again.
    Like the plants in the winter, through wind and through rain,
    Trees rest and are bare ‘til the spring comes around.
    Then they burst into blossom and new life is found.

    From trees we can learn a lesson or two:
    That life can be hard for me or for you.
    But when we feel down, there’s some hope we can take.
    Winter will pass, spring will awake:
    An adventure unknown, a new journey to make.

  5. Encourage some discussion about the poem with the children. If you wish, use the list of questions below to aid discussion.

    - Which small creatures shelter in trees?
    - Can you think of ten things that are made out of wood?
    - Who was Joseph?
    - What did the disciples do?
    - Why did Jesus calm the storm?
    - When did the people wave palm branches at Jesus?
    - What is the story of Jesus’ death and rising again at Easter?

Time for reflection

Read out again the following verse.

From trees we can learn a lesson or two:
That life can be hard for me or for you.
But when we feel down, there’s some hope we can take.
Winter will pass, spring will awake:
An adventure unknown, a new journey to make.

Encourage the children to think about why difficulties can help us to learn important lessons in life. Make it clear that if the children are going through a tough time, there is always someone at school to whom they can talk.

Finish off by asking the children what adventures they are looking forward to this year.

Dear God,
Help us to remember the message of Easter:
That when things seem very difficult,
We can find new light and new hope.





Can you write your own poem or verse  about the importance of a tree?

Collective Worship

At Woodlands Church of England Primary School Christian values are becoming more embedded in many parts of the curriculum. The children receive a variety of opportunities to enhance their spirituality.There are also opportunities for prayer and reflection during times of worship and throughout the school day. Our Collective Worship will often link to our Christian Value for the half term.


At Woodlands Church of England School we have a daily act of collective worship where we meet as a school community to sing hymns, listen to stories, reflect on them and pray together.  Children are increasingly more involved in delivery of Collective Worship throughout the school year. Key Stage 2 children will soon have the opportunity to plan and deliver assembly. Children help to plan, organise and lead the major services which are held in St Andrews Church: Harvest, Christmas, Easter. Children may use Bible readings and write their own prayers for the services.


The school has good links with St Andrews church.   Reverend Ian is a regular visitor to the school and is involved in Collective Worship for the children once per half term. Every calendar month school holds a collective worship committee meeting made up of staff and pupils, to plan teh collective worship calendar. When Worship takes place at Church parents and friends within the local community are warmly welcome to attend. Reverend Ian is also a governor of the school.


Children visit the church for other purposes when appropriate, also Bradford Cathedral and other places of worship to understand and learn about the various faiths.  We have been involved with the local Oakenshaw residents association recently and this is a community partnership we all enjoy.