Collective Worship

At Woodlands Church of England Primary School Christian values are becoming more embedded in many parts of the curriculum. The children receive a variety of opportunities to enhance their spirituality.There are also opportunities for prayer and reflection during times of worship and throughout the school day. Our Collective Worship will often link to our Christian Value for the half term.


At Woodlands Church of England School we have a daily act of collective worship where we meet as a school community to sing hymns, listen to stories, reflect on them and pray together.  Children are increasingly more involved in delivery of Collective Worship throughout the school year. Key Stage 2 children will soon have the opportunity to plan and deliver assembly. Children help to plan, organise and lead the major services which are held in St Andrews Church: Harvest, Christmas, Easter. Children may use Bible readings and write their own prayers for the services.


The school has good links with St Andrews church.   Reverend Ian is a regular visitor to the school and is involved in Collective Worship for the children once per half term. Every calendar month school holds a collective worship committee meeting made up of staff and pupils, to plan teh collective worship calendar. When Worship takes place at Church parents and friends within the local community are warmly welcome to attend. Reverend Ian is also a governor of the school.


Children visit the church for other purposes when appropriate, also Bradford Cathedral and other places of worship to understand and learn about the various faiths.  We have been involved with the local Oakenshaw residents association recently and this is a community partnership we all enjoy.



At Woodlands we value the Partnerships that we hold within the community and with our local church. As a school we hold links with St Andrews Church located in Oakenshaw, working with Reverend Ian to educate children about the Christian faith. Teachers also host regular Religious Education lessons within St Andrews church to immerse children in the respect and value of church life. We also host our annual Harvest Festival at St Andrews and Carol Concerts. 

Within the local community we also hold links with Playgroup at St Andrews church, with many of our children attending playgroup before starting Woodlands in their reception year. For more information about playgroup please see the link below: