Religious Education

Easter at home

Holy Week


For our RE learning we follow two complimentary syllabus': Understanding Christianity and The Dioceses of Leeds and York syllabus for Religious Education.


"i like RE, it is the best because i find it interesting learning about other people" William Year 5

 "I enjoy RE because it's not like other lessons. Often there is no right or wrong answer, just your thoughts.' Claydon Year 5

"I look forward to RE, we love it!' Megan Year 4

In Key stage 1 and 2 we have a two year rolling programme which you can find below

2019-2020- Year 1

2020-2021- Year 2


Hand to Mouth came to school and worked with all year groups. Key Stage 2 completed an 'about me' journey.


"i liked the journey because it is really peaceful" Austin Year 3


"i liked the journey because we got to draw in the sand- i drew pictures of my family" Joshua Year 4


"I thought that hand to mouth was good because you get to go and think about all different stuff." Caylum Year 5


"I liked the journey because it was nice and quiet so I could reflect." Dexter Year 5