Safer Internet Day- Tuesday 11th February 2020

Take a look at our work from the Safer Internet Day soon!

It is our duty as a school to ensure that our children are up to date with current and ever changing E-Safety issues and have a clear understanding on how to prevent incidents and what they should do if they do have any incidents. 

We have a very strict policy when it comes to E-Safety and all of our children and staff have signed an Acceptable Use Policy to safeguard the interests of all of those associated with school.


If you have any concerns, please see either Miss K Webster (Head Teacher) , Mrs S Gibson (Deputy Head Teacher) or Mr M Dyson (E-Safety Coordinator)

We have received the 360 Degree Safe Certificate of Progress.


The Education and Inspections Act 2006 empowers Headteachers to such extent as is reasonable, to regulate the behaviour of pupils when they are off the school site and empowers members of staff to impose disciplinary penalties for inappropriate behaviour. This is pertinent to incidents of cyber-bullying, or other e-safety incidents covered by this policy, which may take place outside of the school, but is linked to membership of the school.  The 2011 Education Act increased these powers with regard to the searching for and of electronic devices and the deletion of data.

The school will deal with such incidents within this policy and associated behaviour and anti-bullying policies and will, where known, inform parents / carers of incidents of inappropriate e-safety behaviour that take place out of school.


Parental Guidance

If you require any further information on E-Safety, please use the following link: http://www.childnet.com/ 

Internet Matters provides parents with how you can add parental controls onto devices to help keep children safe: http://www.internetmatters.org/advice/6-10/ 



Pupil Acceptable Use Policies: