Here at Woodlands we are using the PurpleMash Computing Scheme of work to deliver the Computing National Curriculum to our students. 


 Have a go at Coding yourself at: 


 Using minimash to aid computing

Year 1/2

 2Paint and Picture 

Year 3/4


Year 5/6

Speadsheets and Game Creators 


I like the new computing suite because the computers are not as slow as the laptops that we had before and it means that I have more time to actually do computing work. It means you do not have to work in groups of 3s or 4s because multiple laptops are not working. I now enjoy computing and look forward to using the computers in computing and other lessons. 

Thea Year 5- New computing suite.

Exciting news!

Take a look at our new computing suite!


Our work will soon be available on the website.